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Instructions for use



1. Harness / belt made of genuine leather and designed to work with cameras weighing up to 5 kg (11,02 lb)


2. Do not use harness / belt for other purposes


3. In the process of using harness / belt color and texture of the leather may vary


4. In the process of use, the leather will wear out and can change its appearance and lose its properties


5. In the first two weeks, do not use harness / belt with white clothes


6. Not recommended for use during rain


7. During wet weather, exclude the use of harness / belt with white things


8. It is not recommended to wet the harness / belt. If wet, put the harness / belt in a dry place and allow it to dry.

It is forbidden to dry the harness / belt with a heater or hair dryer


9. Not to use a harness / belt without safety straps (if they are provided for in the design)


10. Taking a sitting position in the harness / belt, hold the camera with your hand


11. In the x-harness, you must follow the d-ring located on the front. Before use, tighten the screw that secures

the d-ring to the harness with a screwdriver

(since it can be unwound in the process of attaching an additional camera to it)


12. Store the harness / belt in a dry dark place



Warranty and Service



1. The warranty period on the metal parts of the harness / belt is 6 months from the moment of receipt

by the buyer of the parcel according to the tracking number of the parcel


2. The company is not responsible for the broken photo equipment


3. If the harness / belt breaks during the warranty period, the buyer must:

- send a photo or video with a breakdown

- to explain the reason and content of the breakdown in English / Russian


4. The seller in case of a breakdown during the warranty case, together with the buyer, makes a decision and

the following options are possible:

- the seller sends the buyer a new good part of the harness / belt to replace the defective part

- the buyer fixes the breakdown in a specialized workshop in his country. The cost of repair the seller reimburses

the buyer, but in this case the cost of repair is necessarily agreed with the seller


5. Proper repair of the harness / belt overrules the product warranty


6. The company does not return money back for the received goods


7. Harness / straps without manufacturing marriage does not come back and does not exchange



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