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Time for order processing

   The goods are usually sent within three working days after receiving the payment.

   If your chosen product is suddenly not available, we will notify you within 24 hours and let you know in what time the goods will be sent.
   If the specified dates do not suit you, we will refund your payment.

   If you want to put your logo, then in this case the shipping time can be increased by two working days.



Shipping by Regular mail


   Parcel is sent by regular mail and provide the track number, but in some countries the postal services do not use it. In this case, the parcel will be monitored only on the territory of Russia. To solve the problem will need to go to the postal service of the country and to make a statement on the search for the parcel.

If the parcel has left the territory of Russia, and then in its place position is not known, no claim.

   The delivery time varies depending on the destination country. Usually it is from two to eight weeks. The package leaves the territory of Russia in about seven working days. Further delivery time depends on the customs and postal service of your country. At the time of delivery also affects the time of year, availability of holidays.


Shipping by EMS 

   In this case, the tracking will be available in every country and the delivery will take much less time. 
   Delivery time from four to twenty-one working days. This time does not include national holidays.


   Delivery of models Classic Harness, Metallic Harness, Perforated Harness, Slim Harness is not carried out in the USA.



We are not responsible if.


   We are not responsible if you did not receive the parcel for one of the following reasons: you did not correctly enter your address, did not correctly indicate the recipient's name, did not have time to pick up the parcel and it was sent back. In this case, the parcel will be sent to you again after an additional delivery charge.



Taxes and fees


   All additional customs fees and other taxes stipulated by the legislation of the country in which the recipient lives are paid separately by the recipient.





   If you have chosen a model with a logo, then please send a file with your logo to with indicating the order number.
   It is desirable that the file was in PNG format, and had a resolution of at least 700 px on the long side.


   If you do not send the logo yourself, do not worry, a letter will be sent to the e-mail address you provided, asking you to send the logo.




Operation of the product


   Each skin of leather can vary greatly due to the thickness of the skin, the scars and hair follicles that are a natural part of each hide. Products made from the same hide are slightly different, and made of different hides, too. Your piece can vary from what you see on the site.. Scratches, different tones, and different shades of our basic colors show up on each hide that we get. We believe it makes each piece unique and special.

   Leather absorbs the dye as different rates in different parts of the skin, giving the leather a variation in colour. So the products will all be similar but with slight variances in shade.

   The leather is finished with a water-resistant varnish, it is not waterproof!

Water itself is not harmful to leather however, constant soakings in water, floats the oils out of the leather through the pores, causing leather to become stiff when dry if not treated and may case some discolouration. Please, do not immerse your leather in water for any length of time.

   It is also not recommended to use the product in the rain for a long time.

   We also do not recommend the use of belts and harnesses with white clothing in the first few days after receipt.

     Thank you for coming to our shop, If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!