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Metallic Harness

The harness is an accessory for photographers, which allows you to use one, two or three cameras. At the same time there is no load on the neck, and the weight of the equipment is evenly distributed on the back.

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The product is made of genuine leather with a thickness of 3+ mm, the leather is processed from two sides, which means that you can carry harness with any kind and type of clothing.*


The harness width of 38 mm avoids discomfort when used. The length of 110 cm and the buckle system makes it possible to adjust the product to your height.


* In the first few times, harness should not be used with white clothing.

The hardware attachments connects the harness and the camera. Its length is adjustable in the range from 18 to 24 cm, which allows you to use the technique with maximum convenience.


The cameras will be safe with steel fittings, which can withstand up to 15 kg. Additional safety is provided by the safety straps.


They are included with this model.

Another plus of harness is the possibility of using it with one camera. In this case, the free hardware attachment can be fixed on the D-ring or on the belt of trousers. On sale there is a photo belt for use as a set with a harness. (Photo belt)


The kit includes four D-rings, two front and two rear, each with a weight of up to 12 kg. Front D-rings can be used to mount the third camera, and the rear D-rings for attaching, for example, bags.

Also we can put your logo on the harness. The maximum size is 35 x 60 mm.

You can choose from five colors: dark brown, whiskey, light brown, black.





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If you have special requests, we will gladly accept the individual order.

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