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     Hello! We are a Bearloga organization, from Russia. We make accessories from genuine leather for photographers and not only.

     All our products are handmade of the highest quality. We want to offer you a wide range of leather products, which includes: harness for one, two or three cameras, shoulder, neck and wrist straps for phototechnics.
      Bearloga working more than one year and has won the trust of customers. We have learned to listen to the opinion of each client.

We value our reputation, are ready to develop and create new products.

"My strap arrived just in time for me to be able to explore San Francisco and not feel like i had 500 different straps draped across me!"

"I also think this strap looks stylish and pretty cool (compare to some other ones). One time I arrived to the shoot and 

only wore my camera strap without the cameras attached. And once I attached the cameras my client exclaimed: “I thought it 

was an accessory without any purpose but just to look cool” ha! I had many other people commenting how cool this camera 

strap looks. If you don’t have two cameras – no problem! You can always attach just one camera."


"To spend a day in the country is a great happiness, and it's more fortunate to spend it with a terrific couple." I'm very grateful to @bearloga_harness for my free hands and not falling off my neck. Harness for two cameras is cool! "

"Hello everyone! I do not know how I used to live without a harness from @ bearloga_harness .. An excellent thing!"

At @FuscoPhotoHQ and @KISStudioHQ we love @Bearloga_harness, literally. Watch out for our unboxing and review of this awesome camera strap soon on YouTube.

Thank you for coming to our shop, If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!



+7 920 314 55 11


BearLoga Team | Smolensk